[Adorable Video] Ciara and Her Dad Rap to Tupac


Cici and her father are at it again!

And just in time for Throwback Thursday!

Singer Ciara and Daddy Harris must’ve been feeling more than just a little nostalgic today  when the two decided to rap along to Tupac’s classic “So Many Tears.” Either that, or the duo were extremely bored. [Which is totally fine, because we love seeing these two acting silly on camera! Their daddy-daughter moments are Everything!]

Proving that her and her father have the type of bond that is admirable, Cici posted the videos on her IG, and included the caption:

“Me and My Dad Back At It. #2Pac #ShedSoManyTears. I used to ride in the passenger seat singing this with him when I was a little girl So Cool!!”

The ending, when she runs off giggling while saying, “Dad, you are sooo serious” is too damn cute!

Her father’s cool meter is on a hundred.

Watch it below: