AGREE OR DISAGREE: DJ Khaled Defends Using The “N” Word

DJ Khaled can be heard all over urban radio as he’s dropped some hip hop classics, including “All I Do Is Win.” But now a debate has arisen about his use of the “N” word, especially since he is of Palestinian descent. Listen to DJ Khaled defend his using of the “N” word and decide if you buy his argument…..

All lot of rappers and comedians use the “N” word in their music and their standup….but usually they are of African American descent. 

And while most folks have a problem with the use of the word in general, what happens when people who aren’t Black or African American claim the word?

That’s the debate going on now as DJ Khaled has felt compelled to defend his use of the “N” word.

During a recent interview he said,

“I grew up like that. [N--ga] is slang. It’s actually a positive word, the way I use it.”

DJ Khaled went on to reveal to DJ Green Lantern that while growing up in Florida he was even called a “sand n—ga.”  So does that give him a right to claim the word as a part of his struggles too?  

Listen to the interview and speak on it…..

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