An Interview With Common: Track For Track

Written by Jas Fly

It’s 6:30 on a Friday evening and Common is tired. Just days before the release of his latest album The Dream/The Believer, the Rapper/Actor had been on a heavy promo run and we happened to be his very last interview. Hearing the exhaustion in the Chicago native’s voice, we decided to go easy on him and try something different.

Who knew through a few album track titles we’d find out how one of his former girlfriend’s lost him, why he turns into a warrior when someone disrespects hip hop and what his eyes reveal about his soul.

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Rasheed! How are you sir?
Man, It’s been a long day! But I’m good. I’m excited.

So here’s what I was thinking: I have your tracklist in front of me. So how about I pick some song titles and ask you some questions based on their names?
Ok, so you’re gonna switch it up on me? GOOD! Something different. THANK YOU. Let’s go.

Track 3 – Blue Sky: What does Heaven look like to you?

Heaven is really, really bright. It’s beautiful beyond any words I can say. It’s a place like…a paradise. No sick, pained, hurt or angry people. Heaven is a place where every being is in tune with their God self. Heaven looks like a place God has created for everybody.

Track 6 – Lovin I Lost: Who lost you? And how?
(Pause) They lost me by not being truthful. That’s how someone lost me. And by treating other people like they’re less than. But the biggest thing was not being truthful. That to me…was the deal breaker.

You alright?

Track 7 – Raw (How You Like It): Give it to me raw, tell me your weakest album in your catalog?
Wow. That’s a good question…the weakest point in my catalog is my first album.

Definitely. Because I didn’t know much about making an album. Don’t get me wrong I still love it because you get that innocence and where I was in my life but my style wasn’t all the way developed yet. Sometimes I listen to it and I have to laugh at some of the rhymes. It sounds like that little boy who didn’t know what he was doing.

Track 2 – Ghetto Dreams: Tell me something you always wanted as a child and didn’t get?
I always wanted a mini bike, like one of those mini motorcycles and I always big brother.

And you never got either?
I kinda got some big brothers. As I grew up, some of the guys I met along the way I now consider big brothers. But I never got my minibike…These are really good questions.

Track 10 – Windows: What do your eyes reveal about you?
Hmmm, my eyes reveal that I have a good heart that I’m a caring human being, but also that I can be a warrior when necessary.

What brings the warrior out of you?
Someone trying to harm my family will bring it out. Also disrespecting someone I really carry about, like the woman I’m with…or hip hop.

Ahh, yes. That’s how we get songs like ‘Sweet’
Exactly. If you disrespect something I’m passionate about, I care about it so much it’ll bring that part out of me. And Hip Hop is something dear to me.

Track 11 – The Believer: Tell me your truth?
My truth is…honestly I would like to have a family. I’m ready. I would really like to be in a good, loving marriage and just have a family.

You have a daughter from a previous relationship, do you want more kids?
Yeah I want more kids. Also, my other truth is I want to be one of the greatest actors of our time.

You have a show now, so the a