Anthony Hamilton Dishes On Black Love, Commitments & What Men Really Want

Soulful singer Anthony Hamilton dropped a new album this week, ‘Back to Love,’ just in time for a little romance during the holidays (and cuffing season now that it’s cold outside).   Rolling Out Magazine recently caught up with Anthony and he discussed the misconceptions of ‘black love’ and what black women need to know about black men. He also dished on how a woman can tell if a man sees you as a long term relationship or a short term distraction.

Peep the excerpts:

On The Biggest Misconception About Black Love
The biggest misconception about black love is that we don’t get along or we don’t evolve as a couple. She’s making too much money, or he’s making more, we have that “I’m not good enough,” syndrome, but there are a lot of couples out there doing well together. Doctors and lawyers in one family, or nurses and construction workers in one family, and are really doing well.

It’s a misconception that black love doesn’t last. But we have couples that are 60 or 65-year-old, married couples. You have to find your strength, and your love within the Lord and you can have that too.

What is the one thing that you wish black women understood about black men?
I wish they would understood that we love the subtle, soft-spoken woman a lot more than the aggressive attitude. Because once you adopt that attitude you tend to use it and you use it not for good anymore, it becomes an unbalance. We love the soft side of a sister. We love the soft side of a woman, the submissive side. A man has to make you comfortable enough to show that side so you don’t have to be so defensive; so it’s a two way street.

On how black men can step up to the plate when it comes to relationships

They can step up to the plate by making bigger commitments, being ready, knowing what they want first of all, because in a real relationship you’re trying to go to a place and make this a real commitment, and then make the step. But if it’s not what you want, be honest.

A lot of time we’ll play like this was a real relationship, when all we wanted was the intimate rewards.

How prevalent is this game of men wanting the intimate rewards without the commitment?
I think that’s just been a curse lived year after year, for generations, and we have to break it.

On how women can tell if a man is dating for the intimate rewards or a long term commitment
If you’re dating around for company and you’re lonely, you’ll just take care of your physical needs, and/or emotional needs just for that moment. When you’re looking for a lifelong partner, you’re looking for that long-term commitment and comfort in the relationship, not just a sexual thing. You’ll make them wait.

He’ll make her wait, and he won’t mind waiting.

He’ll have a certain amount of patience and admiration for the person he’s spending time with. He won’t have that “‘whatever” attitude, and he’ll talk a certain way, he’ll talk like, “my wife” in his conversations and attitude. He’ll open doors and it won’t just last for two weeks, it will be an ongoing thing.

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