Asher Roth Renames Album


Asher Roth has changed the name of his upcoming sophomore album. The project-formerly-known as The Spaghetti Tree will now be known as Is This Too Orange?.

Roth revealed the name change on Power 106 and he plans on releasing a new mixtape called “Paps and Jazz.”

“I got two projects coming out. Nobody knows this by the way. We have a joint called ‘Paps and Jazz,’ which is just a mixtape. Chuck Inglish is on it, Blended Babies and a lot of my homies are just jamming, chill, stream-of-conscious stuff. And then we have the new album Is This Too Orange?,” Roth revealed. “[It] actually hit me during a half-asleep, half-awake thing. I was waking up, and it just came to me. It turns out that orange is the color of the creative Chakra.”

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