BACK IN CUSTODY ALREADY? T.I. In Trouble With Feds Over Luxury Bus Ride

We told you yesterday that T.I. had been released from prison, but now after some -ish involving a bus ride, he’s back in custody. Get the deets on T.I.’s ride inside…

Rapper T.I. is back in federal custody at a federal penitentiary today after he received flack from the feds about using a luxury bus to transport him from Arkansas to Atlanta to his assigned halfway house. 

His lawyer, Steve Sadow told The Associated Press that the Federal Bureau of Prisons ‘has moved T.I. to a different facility’ because,

“There appears to be confusion surrounding the method of transportation,” Sadow said.

He may only be in custody for the time being while they move him to a different halfway house.  Traci Billingsley, a spokeswoman for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, said she couldn’t comment on  T.I.’s status and no other info was released.

As of now, the prison agency’s website says T.I. was “in transit.”