BLAME THE LOCKOUT: NBA Baller Delonte West Attempts A Rap Career

Since the lockout is still in order, NBA ballers are doing all kinds of crazy ish to pass the time.  Even trying out different careers.  The newest victim of the “I’m a baller so OBVIOUSLY I can rap too” school of thought is Delonte West.    Yes, LeBron‘s ex-teammate believed to have chopped down Bron’s mama.

Check out his attempt at a rap career inside…

Deep sigh.  Celtics baller Delonte–who is now going by the rap name of Charlee Redz (Redz is tatted on his arm)–is about to drop an album called The Lockout.  And his first single is “Living Fast Life.”  Peep the foolery below:

Delonte, who made over $4 millie in 2009 with the Cavs, also filled out a Home Depot application recently and tweeted:

“It’s official. Pride 2 the side. Just filled out a application at Home Depot. Lockout ain’t a game.  Can’t even go get that overseas money. Judge said it’s a no go on leaving the country.”