Chris Brown Denies Cheating on Karrueche With Rihanna

If you follow ex boos Chris Brown and Rihanna on twitter (who follow each other),  then their subliminal tweet sessions can be one big mind f**k, especially for those Chrianna fans who are hoping they will one day get back together. It all started back in December when Chris Brown randomly tweeted ‘Love u more than u know’ which could have been directed to his fans, however, when Rihanna followed up a minute later with, ‘I’ll always love u #1Love”, it raised more than a few eyebrows.

Now with The Grammys approaching, and both Rihanna and Chris scheduled to be in the building at the same time (exactly 3 years after their infamous domestic violence incident), there’s more chatter than ever that the two have been secretly hooking up. According to Life & Style (a tabloid mind you), Ri has been texting Chris non-stop and stopping by the studio often. Just a few weeks ago, a blind item reveal by Crazy Days Crazy Nightsclaimed that Rihanna and her ex Matt Kemp broke up after he found out that she was still dipping out with Chris and US Weekly is claiming that the two still visit each other frequently:

“She comes to see him anytime she’s in L.A. Rihanna loves to live dangerously, and talking to and hooking up with Chris is all part of that.”

However, when the publication reached out to a rep for Chris, they shot down all rumors of a possible hook up and revealed that Chris and Ri are just friends:

“He and Rihanna are just friends. He is with his girlfriend, Karrueche, and is not cheating.”

Meanwhile, Rihanna continues to subliminally tweet cryptic random thoughts and song lyrics, that would make the average fan think that they are directed at Chris. A day after photos of Chris and Karrueche spending New Years in Vegas surfaced, Rihanna tweeted:

“How can you lie to her, while u lay with me???…..If you don’t have an answer, you don’t have to answer.”

And after photos of Chris Brown’s new tattoo of Karrueche (or an anime character that was a reenactment of a photo taken by Karrueche) surfaced last week, a day later Chris tweeted some lyrics:

I want you to love me like you’ve never loved nobody else, I want u to touch me like when ur touching urself!!!

If the lights in the sky came crashing down, I still could find your love even in a crowd…but will you remember me?

And per usual, shortly afterward, Rihanna had some subliminal tweets of her own in the form of Biggie lyrics:

Cuz of you I’m on some real f*ck a N*gga sh*t!

You wanna be my main squeeze N*gga don’t ya?

So what N*gga, I’m not tryna hear that sh*t

These reports could all be fabricated and the tweets could all be a mere coincidence but Ri has definitely found a nice way of pissing off the new girl…even if her tweets have nothing to do with her.