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Chris Brown and Justin Bieber are becoming the dynamic duo, first collaborating on the single ‘Next To You,’ and now on ‘Ladies Love Me,’ a stand-out track from Chris’s recently released ‘Boy In Detention’ mixtape. NeonLimelight recently caught up with the man behind the second collaboration between the pair, rapper/actor/activist/producer David Banner, who talked about the studio chemistry between Chris and Justin and how he impressed he was with Bieber’s flow.

On Justin Taking Him By a Pleasant Surprise in the Studio
“I’m very protective of hip-hop, and I would never produce a song if I didn’t think it was jamming and Justin Bieber floored everybody in the studio. When I look at the blogs, people are trying to dust it like: ‘Did somebody write it? Was it pro-tools-ed together?’ That boy… I actually wanted the very first take. We ended up doing it again, but he spit the whole verse all the way down non-stop. He spit …. It made me feel good because it shows you the effect of [hip-hop] culture. And for him to study and dissect our culture that way… he really has a respect to spend that much time, because that takes practice to be able to spit and rap like that. And I was impressed.”

On the chemistry between Justin and Chris
“One of the things I don’t like about modern music is that people don’t work together anymore. That’s the reason I love this track so much. The music was done with Justin Bieber and Chris Brown in the studio together. I was really amazed with their friendship and their interaction between each other; how they look out for each other. Because you gotta think, they have pressure, and they’re growing into their manhood with everybody’s eyes on them. Nobody ever talks about that. Nobody ever thinks about how much pressure that is. It’s so uncomfortable growing up period, without anybody looking at you. So with anything that you do to be under that kind of microscope, I think there’s a kinsmanship and a bond that’s grown between them that’s unspoken.” Read more

Listen to Chris Brown & Justin Bieber spit on ‘Ladies Love Me’ Below: