DMX Attacked On Stage By Fan

Last night, DMX was performing at the Café Sevilla in Long Beach when he encountered a brief ‘WTF Moment’ with a deranged fan. As he was about to spit rhymes for his second song, a man jumped on stage and got a hold of DMX’s throat for a split second. Security moved with the speed of lighting and put the crazed fan in a choke hold before quickly yanking him off stage.

The DJ cut spinning the turntables for a brief moment during the commotion and DMX hollered out, “We don’t stop music for sh*t!!” DMX’s reaction implies that he is use to that type of foolery or he was having a good day. Had it been another day, at another time and he probably would’ve ended up back in jail for whooping that man’s azz.

Watch the video below:

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