DMX’s New Way of Thinking


DMX has been in and out of jail for the better part of the past ten years. While serving his current one year sentence, the rapper has revealed that his approach has changed. X has been focused on his spiritual health and shared his newfound outlook in a recent interview with VIBE.

“I realized that [change] is something that I want do this time. Like the last few times I couldn’t wait to get out and go have a drink,” he explained. “Like all my focus was on going to the club or things of that nature. Now, I’m in a frame of mind where I’m like ‘right into the studio and get my grind on.’”

DMX claims his latest stint in an Arizona jail was the result of a vendetta the sheriff had against him.

“The sheriff–he openly spoke about how he wanted to make sure I stayed locked up,” he said. “If these things happened in New York, there’s no way I’d be in jail. Or any other state where the law is like, followed.”

The rapper also discussed his next album. “It’s funny how it came up. I was stuck between two titles. The first one was Redemptionand the second title was Beast,” he shared. “And somebody hit me like, why don’t you make it Redemption of the Beast?”

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