DMX’s Rep Addresses Drug Story


Reps for incarcerated rapper DMX have stated that the troubled star will be home . The reports of the rapper sneaking drugs were exaggerated, according to X’s rep. The rapper received extended time due to what were only described as ‘minor infractions.’

DMX’s rep claims that prison officials didn’t issue verdicts on several of the infractions until July 5th, which is why the news only recently surfaced online.

“DMX never snuck anything into the prison,” a rep for the rapper told AllHipHop. “As far as him smoking in jail, there is an area where inmates are allowed to smoke. A guard felt that DMX was smoking outside of a designated lined area in the smoking court and started harassing him, which resulted in the charge.”

“DMX is looking forward to being released from prison and resuming his career,” DMX’s rep added. “We are in the early process of helping X rebuild his career in staying on the right track this time.”

The Arizona Department of Correction has confirmed X will be released next week.

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