Drake Doesn’t Mind Being The Butt Of Rihanna Jokes

Why should anyone be punished or joked about for simply expressing their feelings? Especially Drake…it kind of makes him a bit more sexy!

…However, he has become the laughing stock after discussing how Rihanna played with his emotions. Most men wouldn’t be brave enough to admit that they caught feelings and was played to the left by a female It’s an ego thing..

Drizzy recently sat down with MTV and told them he doesn’t mind the jokes:

If I worried about how I’m gonna look saying this, then I wouldn’t make half the music I make. People nitpick at me for being emotional or tapping into my emotions, but like, man, we all die one day; that’s just how I want to be remembered.

The running commentary or the jokes don’t really affect me, cause that’s what I’m going for. I don’t want to be a guy that blends in with all the other generic rap music. I want to be the guy that stood out and pinpointed life emotions for women, men, young people, old people or whatever it is. So I don’t trip, that’s what I want. I welcome it.

Let’s ease up on Drizzy people so he can continue to make that good music…

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