Eminem Blasted By UK Group


Eminem, no stranger to controversy, has come under fire for his music video “Space Bound.” The rapper has been labeled ‘evil’ by a women’s rights organization in Great Britain for the clip, during which Em fantasizes about killing his unfaithful girlfriend.

Mothers Against Violence is speaking out against the video.

“People who do this are really quite evil,” a spokesperson for MAV told the Daily Mirror. “Children are influenced by the things they see. If we feed violence, it becomes strong. Like an addiction.”

“It’s all about the money with these videos,” the spokesperson added. “Eminem isn’t thinking about the families affected. It’s selfish – it comes to a point when selfishness becomes evil.”

Producer Jim Jonsin spoke up in defense of Eminem and the video. “Things happen in movies all the time. People kill themselves, people get killed, they kill other people,” Jonsin told MTV. “When my kids watch it, I like to explain to them in that manner: ‘It’s like a movie, ya know? He isn’t really killing himself.’”

Article Courtesy of HipHopBlog.com