Exclusive Interview: What Common Wants …

Common is single…and ready to mingle ladies!

We recently caught up with Common in Los Angeles in between takes of filming his latest video, ‘Blue Sky’ off of his upcoming album ‘The Dream Of The Believer’. Aside from revealing that he is now a single man, he chatted about what attracts him to a woman as well as his decision to release his new book, ‘One Day It’ll All Make Sense’ and his visit to the White House to read poetry for the President.

I am single. A woman gets my attention just by being who she is. I get around a person and I just feel their vibe, who they are and the conversation we have. Of course, I want her to be attractive to me but like I said that doesn’t have to be a specific thing. Some of that comes from how a woman carries herself and over all I find myself attracted to women that are strong but at the same time still feminine, they have strength in them, intelligence and know how to have fun. Some women think I’m just sitting around serious and want to read books.

What kind of fun do you like to have?

I like fun; all types of fun whether it’s going out bowling or to the beach. I like doing stuff where you’re with a person and you wouldn’t regularly do it. I went surfing and I never would have gone surfing. Hopefully, my companion can bring something different and I’ll bring her something different. Obviously, having a faith in God is important to me when it comes to relationships but overall, just being a good person, a good hearted person and attractive and we’re good.

What’s a deal breaker for you?

A deal breaker …say I got certain things I talk about in life that I want to achieve and you’re going in the opposite [direction]. You may say something like “Nah, I don’t want to do anything for myself.” Well, you’re not going to exactly say that but if you’re that type of person, [it's not going to work]. Like I said, I like strength in a woman.

What made you decide to write an autobiography?
The response has been very good to the book, which I’ve been enthused about because I was initially like “Man, why am I writing a book?” I felt too young to write a book and I didn’t have enough going on in my life to write a book. We thought about different ways and my manager Derek was like “Man, you should include your relationship with your mother, different things that I don’t look at. You know, when you look at yourself, you don’t see certain things that other people see. When I decided I would do the book, I was like “Well, these experiences if I tell them truthfully, they can hopefully inspire somebody.” When you read certain things you be like “Man, that person did that? I’ve been through something similar” and it gets you going in a way. I was hoping that the book would do that and at the same token, it’s still some entertainment in the book but its truth in it. The responses have been very good, even my close friends who have known me a long time have called me and said “Man, I actually like the book.”

Was there anything in the book that you kept out because you felt it was too personal?
I didn’t talk about the present or relationships because I feel like that’s sacred in a way if you’re still experiencing it. I wouldn’t go out and tell my family business that are going on right now because it’s happening. I was able to talk about the past because the past I’ve experienced it and like I said maybe somebody can learn from it because I try to learn from it too.

You were recently invited to read poetry at the White House. What was it like meeting President Obama?
I describe Barack Obama as a beacon of light. He’s an intelligent, cool…… he got a calm spirit about him and I love that. It doesn’t feel like he changes for anybody and I like people that are like that. Just be yourself whether you’re around world leaders, which obviously he handles business with them, or you’re around Common. He’s just a good person and I was honored to get to go to the White house throughout all the talk and everything that’s going on. It was like one of the greatest moments I had in my career. I’m sitting there for the first black President and First lady being able to perform some poetry, which is really one of my songs that’s on the “The Dream of a Believer” album. I performed ‘The Believer” and it was like an outer body experience for me. Everybody gave it up (clapped) and for them to be right there two feet away from me, looking at the First Lady and President it was one of those times for me.

When all is said and done, what would you want your legacy to be?
I want my legacy to be somebody who people can say “I was moved by his music, inspired by what he did”. That guy right there was a real dude in a way that he talked about about Chicago, he talked about love, he talked about God, he talked about the streets, and he’d go where ever he needed to go to show a full stretch of what it is to be a man and be a human being. He was always driven by inspiration, love and really creativity.

Common’s new album ‘A Dream Of A Believer’ Hits Stores November 21st!

Interviewed by Bitchie Chick Fallon Mercedes

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