FIGHT NIGHT: Footage Of Ray J and Fabolous’ Altercation Released (VIDEO) + 50 Cents Gives His Re-Play

Video footage of the actual confrontation between Ray J and Fabolous at The Palms Casino has been obtained and we have it for you inside.  Watch Ray J “go off” after the jump……

Watching his friend Floyd Mayweather Jr. win a fight this weekend in Las Vegas wasn’t enough for rapper 50 Cent.  In a video obtained by TMZ, it looks as though he helped instigate the confrontation between Ray J and Fabolous.  

In the short clip, you’ll see Ray J, wearing a red hoodie, confronting Fabolous (who’s off-camera) while 50 Cent stands in the middle of them with a big grin on his face.  All you see are his teeth!

We told you earlier that Ray J said he smacked Fab, while Fab said no hits were exchanged.…and the video clears it up little.  You will hear a “smack” but no on-camera punches were exchanged.

Watch the “fight” video here:

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And for his replay…….

50 Cent called into FunkMaster Flex’s show to give his replay.  He says he didn’t instigate it……um……see the video above.  50 Cent also said no hits were landed.

Seems like 50 Cent knew this confrontation was coming all along.  Did he man-up and squash this black-on-black beef.  No!

Good way to set an example for your son.