Game Coaching Basketball


Compton, CA rapper Game will be serving as coach and player for his amateur basketball Drew League’s Go Ham team, which also features Derrick Williams, Ron Artest and Kevin Durant.

“In the beginning I had to sell something like, ‘If you play on the team, I’ll go wherever you’re from and we can do a show or something,’ as a favor to him,” Game told Yahoo! Sports. “But now the word on the Drew League is everywhere, and guys are hitting me up to play.”

Game has said that he’s also attempting to recruit Derrick Rose to play on the team, and so far has had success courting known names.

“Durant hit me on Twitter saying, ‘I want to play in the Drew League,’” he continued. “I never met him until he came down, and now we’re cool. Even though it’s in this neighborhood, it’s good, it’s safe. There are never no problems here. It’s always a family environment. It’s cool.”

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