Game Explains Jay-Z Diss


Game released his Jay-Z diss “Uncle Otis” earlier today and the response was swift from the online community. The rapper opened up about why he recorded the song and says that he just wanted to snap on the song. He doesn’t care who likes it or doesn’t.

“I never heard the original ‘Otis’ until I drove up to the studio [last night]. I heard everybody bigging it up,” Game said in an interview. “On XM, I heard ‘Otis’ and was like, ‘This sh*t is pretty cool. I wanna rap on it for the mixtape.’ DJ Skee couldn’t find the instrumental ’cause it had only been out for a day. So we called Mars, who [remade] the beat, and I just snapped on it.”

“I contemplated, ‘Damn, I went at Jay; I said I was off of that,’” Game adds. “F*ck it. I’m me. I’m Game. I do what I do. I just had fun, man. Anybody that want a problem, or wants to say somethin’ on a record, you know it’s gonna get a response, so watch yaself.”

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