Hype Williams to Direct Second Feature


Famed music video director Hype Williams is heading back to the big screen. Following his 1998 feature debut Belly, the director returned to music videos–but now,

Williams is slated to get behind the camera for his second feature. Hype is directing Lust.

Lust is written by Joe Eszterhas, who wrote Basic Instinct, and is described as ‘Fatal Attraction in reverse. The film is currently being casted and the story “centers on a 30-year-old man married to an older Miami-based magazine publisher. The publisher is seduced by a younger, charming playboy — who secretly videotapes himself and his new lover having sex, leading to the woman’s life unraveling.”

Williams’ previous film, Belly has gone on to become something of a cult classic, despite being critically maligned when it was originally released.

Article Courtesy of HipHopBlog.com