I Responds To Critics Of His Partying: ‘Didn’t Haters Celebrate When I Left?’

Some people have a lot to say about TI partying it up during BET Hip Hop Awards weekend after he returned home from Prison…and TI isn’t too happy about it.

Earlier this week, Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 tweeted to his co-hosts Kay Foxx and Cipha Sounds that TI needs to sit down and chill out from partying after his prison stint:

Yo @ciphasounds @kayfoxx—can someone PLEASE tell @TIP to stay HOME and stop hosting parties for a minute?! Come on man

Yo @Tip you can celebrate but why risk it at a club? What if an idiot starts ish with you? You think they won’t make you take the fall? Risk vs reward

TI, being a vocal guy, didn’t let those comments roll off his shoulder. He responded back with tweets about his right to celebrate as well as things he has been doing that hasn’t been spotlighted; like his football games, his daughter’s concert and taking his kids to The Awards:

Quick question to Rap Radar, Cypher sounds, & whoever else felt I shouldn’t have celebrated my return, why NOT?!?!?! Didn’t haters celebrate when I left?

FYI in addition to parties I also attended my two sons football games, my oldest daughters first concert, and took my kids to the awards. What’s the BIG DEAL?

No explanation…just a question. If I sat back & let somebody else who wasn’t from my city home in & takeover all weekend would they’d agree with that?!?

Actually I was hoping the people I mentioned would’ve answered those questions for me. I’m listening, Chyper Sounds, Peter Rosenburg, Rap Radar. Where you at?

Cipha Sounds wanted to that sure he cleared the air and tweeted the following:

Yo @TIP I’m MORE than happy you are home…I’m never ever a hater. Me & @Rosenbergradio are just worried about the trouble in clubs..Let’s golf

Damn, now people think I’m hating on @TIP. That’s my dog for life…I wish him only the best. This @HOT97 sh*t is too strong.

With Peter Rosenberg adding:

Yo @Tip u can celebrate but why risk it at a club? What if an idiot starts ish w u? U think they won’t make u take the fall? Risk vs reward

It’s hard not to see where Peter Rosenberg is coming from. There was a brawl at ESSO the night of TI’s ‘Welcome Home Celebration’ as well as a fight (excluding the Diddy incident) the night he was at Compound. To be associated with that type of environment fresh off of a prison stint can’t be a good look.