.I.’s Other Baby’s Mother Is Releasing Music

If you tuned into Monday night’s episode of “T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle,” you probably caught a glimpse of T.I.’s other baby’s mother Ranniqua when he visited her home to update her on their 10-year-old daughter’s love life. Apparently, their daughter Deyjah has a new boyfriend, T.I. refers to as “Jumanji,” who’s been calling T.I.’s house looking for his daughter. Neither parents are keen on their young daughter dating, so they put her on punishment.

Viewers of “T.I. and Tiny” took to Ranniqua well. Many of them were tweeting about how pretty she is and how T.I. should have stayed with her instead of wifing up Tiny. But it turns out that Ranniqua has an alter ego she goes by when she sings and raps named Ms. Niko. And Ms. Niko is using her newfound popularity to promote her new mixtape ‘Luv Kronicals‘ and her video from the project called “If This Is Luv”/”Maneater” on her Twitter page.

Her video budgets may not be bulky, but she definitely has talent.

Watch her video below.

Ms. Niko – “If This Is Luv”/”Maneater”

Are you feeling it?

Ranniqua on “Family Hustle”