J. Cole Wants to Produce


J. Cole revealed that he’s already started focusing on production. With his album selling well and his buzz at an all-time high, Cole has stated that he’s looking to branch out into producing for other artists.

“A lot of people don’t know I produce all these songs. So I’m just reaching out to a T.I. or like the Wale’s or just people that I respect and wanna work with. And that’s my next chapter,” J. Cole explained.

He also touched on his distaste for ‘regular’ work.

“If I wasn’t doing this I would definitely not have a regular job. That was not never in the cards,” J. Cole shared. “I felt like if I never became a rapper or wanted to rap I would really be one of those dudes overseas playing ball still tryna get in the league. I would be chasing some kind of hard dream. Some type of impossible dream.”

Article Courtesy of HipHopBlog.com