Joell Ortiz Addresses Criticsm


Rapper Joell Ortiz appeared on Funkmaster Flex’s radio show in New York City to discuss the controversy surrounding his Big Pun tribute song “Big Pun Is Back.” Everyone from Pun’s widow to the rapper’s former cohort Cuban Link has come out against the track and criticized Ortiz’s approach.

“Once again, I was confused. When I speak on them, I speak a little different, because Cuban knows me,” Ortiz told Flex. “I had met Tony Sunshine before. It was a tribute, and it was a freestyle and it was in memory of a great rapper…Flex, I’m from Brooklyn. I don’t have to check in with anyone about anything. I did it for Big Pun to keep his legacy alive. That’s it. to be honest with you, I’m in September in my mind already. ‘Big Pun’s Back’ was recorded late April, early May, knowing that the Puerto Rican Day parade was coming up and knowing that his tribute and his legacy needed to stay alive. Who else but me? That’s how I felt. But I don’t gotta check in with anybody. About anything.”

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