Kanye Spins In London As DJ Yeezy World Peace, Previews New Cassie Track

It looks like the people who DJ for a living need to watch out because major artists like Alicia Keys, Solange Knowles and Erykah Badu are coming for their places, and now another superstar is trying his hand at the art.

Lately, Kanye has been giving select audiences an idea of what he’s like as a DJ, spinning for small audiences in London. He recently showed off his skills at Le Baron Nightclub’s Holiday party and spun a new jam called ‘King Of Hearts’ by none other than Cassie. Even though we only get to hear 30 seconds, the tune sounds like a hot club banger with some electronic vocals and synths. Cassie premiered the trailer for the song last month during a visit to 106 and Park but the full version has yet to hit the internet.

According to Yeezy’s twitter, this won’t be the last time you see him spinning either. The other night he tweeted that he’s looking for a place to spin on New Years Eve, but he has one condition for whomever books him:

“My New Years DJ Name is gone be DJ YEEZYWORLD PEACE! If you book me, you have to put YEEZY WORLD PEACE on the e-vite. Or I ain’t spinning.”

Keep in mind, he has reportedly turned down plenty of Vegas offers for New Year’s Gigs because he has yet to be offered his asking price of 1 million. If Kim K can snag $600,000 for New Years, clearly Kanye can ask for a mil.

Watch Kanye spin Cassie’s record below: