Kanye West Explains Banned ‘Monster’ Video and ‘Crashing The Stage Of The MTV European Awards’

Kanye West brought his talents to The Big Chill Festival stage in England this past weekend, however, his usual phenomenal show was marred by him arriving late and vocal problems. He told his fans, “This is my most important gig of the summer but I’m really frustrated. I only have half of my voice. I just want things to be right. This is the reason we started half an hour late

He then managed to anger fans, who eventually started booing, after going on a 7 minute rant about the media and his frustrations with the music industry. Of course, I would have gotten annoyed too if I had been standing around chugging on beers all day while waiting to hear him perform, however, since Kanye rarely gets a chance to explain his inspiration for certain videos and motivation for doing things, (like crashing award show stages), I found his rant to be ‘good stuff’. He explained why he crashed the MTV European Awards stage in 2006 after he lost the ‘Video Of The Year’ Award to Justice. He also explained his ‘Monster’ video concept and how he felt about women’s Rights group who labeled the video as misogynistic.

On crashing the stage at the MTV European Awards
The first time I ever ran on stage at an award show was [The MTV European Awards]. What they told me was, “Hey, for “Touch the Sky” you won Video of the Year. Please fly all the way to…’ I forgot where it was but it was cold as f*ck out there, a 12 hour flight. Half way into the show they had a Hip Hop Award I didn’t even know about. They put me up against some artists that hadn’t had albums out in two years and sure enough they called my name,“Kanye West you win the award.” As I won the award I said, “Oh, they’re going to pull that old bullsh*t. They’re going have me fly all the way out here and tell me I won “Video of the Year” but then give me the Hip Hop Award and say “N*gga, sit back in the seat.” So when they finally announced the “Video of the Year”,  I went up there and I drunkenly approached the stage and said (jokingly), “Oh, hell knawl!” just in good fun. I wasn’t mad. I knew they were pulling the bullsh*t, next thing you know, “his profanity written tirade” and the moments they thought I was the craziest I just wanted to stand up and look at everyone and say “Am I the only one here that’s not crazy?” So excuse my frustrations sometimes but this is what I had to get out on the song “Monster” particularly.

On His ‘Monster’ video
One of my favorite videos, is the “Monster” clip. How many people have actually seen this video? Who saw it before it got banned and they took it down and before Women’s [Rights Organizations] started saying that a person that lost the most important women in his life is now against women in some way? The photos were inspired by [name inaudible], Helmut Newton. There are very few Hip Hop videos that have ever had imagery of that sort. The concept of models hanging or people being eaten alive or whatever type of visuals for a horrific video was purely artistic. But then once again, it was thrown into a misogynistic box because they couldn’t understand how a rapper can have a taste or a sensibility high enough to do something like that without being misogynistic. Once again, I wake up and I’m a monster and I walk through the hotel or I walk down the street and people look at me like I’m f*cking insane….like I’m Hitler. But one day, one day a light will shine through, one day people will understand everything I did and ever said was to throw myself on the blade for the sake of someone else. For the sake of people, for the sake of New Orleans,  for the sake of honest music, for the sake of honest judgment. Michael Jordan changed so much in basketball. He took his power to make a difference. It’s so much bullsh*t going on in music right now and someone has to make a f*cking difference.

On Hip Hop and the music industry
They tried to say hip hop was dead. It’s ain’t dead, people just scared to make something real for a change. If you’re a real artist you put your life on the line for this. You don’t let nobody scare you. No f–king sponsorships try to scare you. No sponsors trying to tell you what you’re not gonna have in the future or trying to cut your pay. This isn’t about money. This is about inspiration. This is about dreams. All the money I had when I was in high school I put it back into working…working on music. My dream was to be able to do this one day. Even ’til this day, everything I have, I put back into this.

“You can’t keep that when you’re gone, but your legacy will live on. One day, one day you will see the truth. It’s coming from the people that the powers that be tried to kill. That the powers that be tried to kill. And I’m tired as hell and I’m lonely, but one thing I won’t be is phony.”