Karrueche RESPONDS To Reports About Chris Brown Being A Dad + Man Who Allegedly THOUGHT He Was The Father SPEAKS OUT

Last night, it was revealed Chris Brown may possibly be the father of a nine-month-old baby girl. Now, his girlfriendKarrueche is speaking out about it…and she’s not happy. Also, a man who thought he was the father of the baby girl Breezy allegedly fathered is speaking out. Get all the deets inside….

Well…this is escalating quickly.

After the shocking news of Chris Brown possibly being a dad to a nine-month-old baby girl was released, his girlfriendKarrueche is now speaking out.

It appears Breezy must have kept it a secret from Kae because she seems just as shocked as the rest of us, based on her tweet. She took to Twitter this morning to wish her boyfriend (possibly soon-to-be-ex) well with his new family.  And she claims she’s chucking the deuces. Guess she won’t be playing the step-mother role.

She tweeted:

Hmmm…we’ve certainly heard this from Kae before (on multiple occasions)….so is she really done with Chris this time?

According to reports, the mother of CB’s alleged baby girl is a 31-year-old former model from Houston named Nia. New reports allege her last name is Gonzalez, but that has yet to be confirmed. Below are a few pictures that are floating around supposedly of Chris’ baby mother and the baby:






And there’s more….

Another person is speaking out about Chris fathering the little girl…and it’s the supposed dad of the child. The man claims he thought the baby girl in question was his daughter and is an utter shock and heartbroken to find out that she may not be his. He wrote this gut-wrenching Instagram post captured in a screenshot by BallerAlert that reads:



It’s alleged he created a whole Instagram page flooded with pics of him and the baby, but the account handle was deleted after the above post. But before it vanished, a few pics were captured of J Prince and the baby girl he thought was his (via BallerAlert):



We still don’t know WHO the actual father is since no paternity test results have surfaced with confirmation. But initial reports say Chris ha accepted that the baby is his and is happy about it.

Guess we will just have to wait and see how this all unfolds. So messy…..


Photos: Instagram/Twitter/Baller Alert
Spotted On: TheYBF.com