Kelly Rowland Doesn’t Want To Return To X-Factor UK!

“Motivation” Singer Kelly Rowland has decided that she doesn’t want to return to the popular UK hit X-Factor show over a dispute with a co-host. Leaving them scrambling around last minute for some one to replace her in the judging chair.

Many wonder which co-host she had a feud with most would probably think it was the outspoken Simon Cowell but no… it was withTulisa Contostavlos. Kelly booked a flight to L.A. leaving her three co-workers to work on their performance by themselves. Ms.Rowland claimed she had a throat infection and would not be able fly back to the UK for the ITV show.

In a statement it read:

“Kelly is devastated she won’t be here for this weekend’s show. She is extremely ill with a viral throat infection and her doctors aren’t permitting her to fly. Kelly will be returning to the show as soon as she has recovered. The girls have been in touch to wish her a speedy recovery and they can’t wait for her to get back.”

She also told The Sun she is suffering from an ‘extremely rare’ illness, and has been in tears about her situation all week.

“I’m so sick – I have no idea what is wrong with me, but I have the worst sore throat. I’ve been in tears all week. It got so bad that I stopped eating and drinking and got so dehydrated the doctor put me on a drip. Even now I can’t swallow anything – not even my own saliva. The doctors don’t even really know what’s wrong, either. They say whatever I have is extremely rare.”

Her reps also stated

“She’s really sick. Her doctor is not permitting her to fly. She won’t be here for tonight’s show. She has a viral throat infection. She is really, really sick. She has not gone AWOL. She will be back. She’s been in contact with the girls. She’s been on intravenous drips. Her doctor will not permit her to fly. She tried to get on a flight today but her doctor wasn’t letting her.”

The producers of the show are less than thrilled about having to search for a replacement in such short notice and said “Quite honestly, it’s expected that the judges would have to be on their death bed to miss a show. The fact that Kelly has a throat infection hardly seems that desperate.”

Wow you can only miss a show if you’re on your own DEATH bed!? Reckless. They also said that Kelly and Tuslia still aren’t on speaking terms but when asked if she would forgive her  Tulisa Rowland said:

“I still disagree with Tulisa, but in the heat of the moment the passion gets to us and we are all extremely passionate about what we do as mentors. Misha will continue to shine and she will learn from this experience and use it to master herself as an artist as we all learn to do.”

Well we’re glad that Kelly hasn’t lost her mind completely, because we all know that she needs this gig. We also hope that she makes a speedy recovery!

Spotted @DailyMail