Keri Hilson Says Atlanta Crowds Are Hard To Please (VIDEO)

Keri Hilson took a break from her tour with Lil’ Wayne, I Am Still Music, to sit down and give an interview to WILDAtlanta. They talked about a number of things ranging to her diet on tour, what separates the boys from the men, as well as how she is VERY unforgiving towards men who have done her dirty. What stood I out to me was when the interviewer asked her if it felt great to be back at home. Keri stated:

There’s a stigma about Atlanta crowds.Very, very hard to please. They watch shows like this (sits back and gives blank stare).

How true do you think this? Do you feel that Atlanta crowds are hard to please? Check out the rest of the interview with Keri below. If you haven’t already caught the tour yet, make sure you do.

Update: Keri’s people just called me to inform me of the fact that other artists have been saying the same thing…Take for example Lil Wayne, who recently tweeted after his ATLconcert this weekend:

What’s going on ATL?!