Kid Cudi’s New Shoes Probably Cost More Than Your Tuition Bill

Over the weekend, Kid Cudi showed off his new Nike Air Mags aka ‘Marty McFlys’ as he celebrated his recent Complex Magazine cover at Siren Studios in Los Angeles.  According to Miss Dimplez, Nike released the classic 1989 Air Mags, inspired by shoes worn in the 1989 classic Back To The Future II, this month and the shoe could only be obtained through an ebay auction with proceeds going towards the Michael J. Fox Foundation to benefit Parkinson’s disease. 1500 pairs of the illuminating, rechargeable shoes were auctioned off with prices that ranged between $3000 to a whopping $40,000.

Kid Cudi won four pair (paying an estimated 5 figures for each pair) and couldn’t wait to show them off at the event. 

5 figure sneakers? At least it was all for a good cause. A man in Japan paid 2.2 mil for a pair…

Check out more pics of Kid Cudi, his girlfriend, Don C and more at the event below

Kid Cudi and girlfriend Jamie Barrata