Kidz In the Hall Prepping New Album


Hip-Hop duo Kidz In The Hall are in the midst of completing their new album Occasion. The project is due to be released November 22nd on Duck Down Records and features David Banner, Marsha Ambrosius, Bun B. and Esthero among the guest appearances.

“This album is by far our best work,” Kidz In The Hall group member Naledge said in a statement. “All artists usually feel that way, but in my honest opinion our mental space wasn’t as positive for the last album. We didn’t rush this project and we made sure we had fun crafting it. Occasion is the soundtrack to letting one’s everyday problems go and focusing on the celebration at hand. Life should be a celebration.”

The Kidz are also filming the second season of their reality show “Here Now.”

“The reality show is good for our brand because it helps fans to see we are three-dimensional and not just some nerdy Ivy Leaguers,” Naledge continued. “I didn’t think the general public ever got to see the layers to our personalities so I suggested we do a reality show. We aren’t a “train wreck” but we work hard and play even harder. The music makes more sense to a listener when they can identify with me as a person.”

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