Killer Mike Joins Troy Davis Protest


People all over the country–and all over the world–seem to join the protests against the upcoming execution of Troy Davis, a Georgia man who was found guilty of murdering a Georgia police officer back in 1989. Davis is to be executed on September 21st, and rapper Killer Mike has announced that he will take part in the protests against the execution.

Davis’ conviction has been contested for years and his execution was stayed in 2007 and twice in 2008, but he will is now scheduled to die on September 21. Among the issues with Davis’ conviction include witnesses recanting stories, a second witness is actually listed as a secondary suspect in the killing, shoddy legal counsel and reports of police pressure.

Mike has said that he plans to join protesters tomorrow (September 21) to challenge the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles’ decision to uphold the execution.

“I am going to [Savannah, Georgia tonight] to join the protest tomorrow. the state of Georgia is killing a man who is possibly innocent and that’s a tragedy,” said Mike.

The Georgia Parole board is currently taking phone calls at (404) 656-5651, and counting the number of individuals calling in support of Troy Davis. To reach the proper department, dial 5 in the first touch tone menu.

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