L.A. Da Boomman


With the making of one superstar already under his belt, the name of the CEO of Making Moves Incorporated, (MMI), has likely come across your path a time or two in the past year, but what most don’t know is that L.A. Da Boomman has much more to offer.

Born in Riverside California but raised in several different parts of Atlanta since the age of three,  LaVour Sanders, aka L.A. Da Boomman, eventually graduated from well-known Atlanta high school,  Therrel High, and went on to enroll at the AUC’s Morris Brown. College is where L.A. became exposed to the thriving indie hip hop underground scene of ATL, and met and began to work with the likes of the “Snap King” producer Krab along with several other on the rise  grinders. Unfortunately, this was also the time when Morris Brown was facing financial and accreditation issues cutting LA.’s college lifeline short. During a brief military stint, he linked up with David Marrero, who has become not only a close friend, but also L.A.’s solid business partner in the biz.   The always grinding artist found himself in south Georgia, the city of Valdosta, where his new found talent for hustling everything from watches to shoes earned him the title ”the boom man”, which was converted to L.A. Da Boomman by his many customers that said he always had something booming.  

As his hustle man popularity grew, so did his conviction to do bigger things, and he soon opened one of the most visited  hip hop stores in Valdosta which then led to doing promotions, vaulting him to become Valdosta’s biggest club promoter. During this time L.A. teamed up with super producer KE, and the team started putting out hit music. In early 2009 L.A. decided to put the ATL back in his sights, commuting back and forth, reestablishing vital connections, and making the ones he had made through promotions even stronger. Although MMI had been established earlier for his prior businesses, L.A. adopted the name into his entertainment business bringing key MMI members onto the team such as Kerry, Stepphond, Tj, Snapp and Fetti,  which was truly the start of a legacy in the making with them spearheading one of ATL’s strongest promo teams in the summer of 2009. Towards the end of 2009, MMI signed an upcoming rising artist by the name of Roscoe Dash, who was at the time having problems establishing himself, even though he had one of the hottest single in the streets, “All the way Turned Up” featuring Travis Porter. But with the MMI engine,  which was by now hosting one of the hottest club nights in the ATL, Fridays @ Figure 8, behind him, Roscoe Dash was catapulted into ATL artist stardom and signed to a major label within 6 months. This period also established L.A. Da Boomman as one of the ATLs hottest underground artist. He had released several outstanding mix tapes hosted by leading dj’s such as Dj Scream, and had several of his own singles bubbling in the streets including a underground hit “Dey On My” which has features by Wacka Flacka, Roscoe Dash, Jmoney  and Grand Hustles Young La.

And with so much under his young industry belt, L.A. Da Boomman is ready to step out of the background and be the spotlight. Teaming up with the CEO of the street Associate’s Cornell “Gip” to form a new merger MMI/STREET ASSOCIATES going into 2011, he’s now preparing to put that engine own project, which includes a hot new mix tape hosted by Hot107.9′s mix show director himself, Poster Child J1 and Hoodrich’s Dj Scream plus  the release of a hot new single featuring Roscoe Dash, “They Say” produced by MMI’s own KE on the Track. Definitely be on the lookout for the explosion that is about to come at the end of 2010 along with the madness that will surround L.A. DA  Boomman in 2011, don’t get caught sleeping on this upcoming superstar/young mogul!!  He’s here, and the road will be a long and amazing one!!  

Boomman ft. Tity Boi & Yo Gotti – Up In Here