Lupe Clears Up Questions


Lupe Fiasco has taken a lot of flack for his ‘Obama is the biggest terrorist’ statement from earlier this week. The rapper faced a huge backlash on Twitter once his words hit the blogosphere. One of his followers even referred to Lupe as the worst thing to happen to black people.

“That is by far the best negative thing I’ve ever seen/heard someone say/write about me ever!!!” Lupe tweeted. He also replied to one of his followers. “@crombee @LupeFiasco well you shouldnt make comments like that when you dont even vote. <--- I still pay taxes homeboy duh"

“Defend the wicked. Celebrate the wrong,” Lupe added. “Decorate the ghastly. Learn from the fools. Prize the worthless. Woe the times in which we live.”

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