Lupe Fiasco Releases DJ Album


Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco says that he’s working on a DJ album with his partner and the duo will release the project under the name ‘Soundclash.’ He says that he will drop a solo mixtape before the end of the year.

“Me and my partner Scott started a DJ collective called Soundclash, so we’re working on that album right now and hopefully we’ll have a single out by Halloween and will try and push an album out around that and tour and all that,” he said. “There’s a Lupe Fiasco mixtape that’s coming which hopefully we’ll have out before the end of the year. And that will hopefully lead up to the next Lupe Fiasco album. And that’s really it, just more touring, touring, touring and music, music, music, music.”

Fiasco also revealed what artists he was currently listening to.

“When it comes back to hip hop I still like Nas and Mos Def and even the newer guys like Kendrick Lamar and Kid Cudi who can definitely kind of catch my ear and keep my edge sharp, I guess,” he says.

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