Mannie Fresh Explains Cash Money Issues


Hip hop superproducer Mannie Fresh discussed in detail an incident that led to some of the ill will between he and his former label, Cash Money Records. According to Mannie, he was very close to working out a deal with Def Jam several years ago that Cash Money blocked at the last minute.

“I got this deal with Def Jam through Jay-Z,” Fresh said. “Jay-Z reached out, he was like, ‘I’ll do a deal with you. You come to Def Jam and you do your thing. And I’m over there and I talk to Lil Wayne. I’m like, ‘Hey dude, I got a deal with Def Jam and they pretty much are going to give me my situation, do what I want to do.’ They were like, ‘Just deliver a big song.’ So I go to Lil Wayne, he does the song with me and soon as I get ready to put it out, Cash Money shuts it down.”

“They were just like, ‘Nah, you didn’t get permission from us to do that,’” he reveals. “And I’m like, ‘Wow, it’s really that serious? That’s kinda ugly of y’all to do that.’ And I’m like, ‘Wayne agreed to do the song.’ And they were like, ‘Well, Wayne can’t speak for Wayne. We speak for Wayne.’ … So that was a learning lesson for me and it kind of gave Def Jam a salty taste too because they was just like, ‘Every time we do something, if it’s going to get shutdown, we really don’t want to do this with you.’”

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