Mary J. Blige Recalls Being Snubbed By Ex-Fiance K-Ci

Who remembers the relationship between Mary J. Blige and K-Ci of the 90′s group Jodeci?

That relationship is a closed chapter in Mary’s ‘drama free’ life but it doesn’t mean she has forgotten how hurt she was years ago when he failed to acknowledge the relationship on a British Television show. During her recent VH1 ‘Behind the Music’ special, Mary revisited a sore spot in her relationship history when she told the story of how she was snubbed 15 years by K-Ci during a television appearance.

According to Mary, she decided to show off her engagement ring and brag on the new step in her relationship, but the host told her that K-Ci had paid a visit to that same show just two weeks prior, where he stated that he was not engaged at all.

“I was on some TV show saying that I was engaged and showing off my ring (and) the host pulls up the tape and says, ‘This is what he said.’”

Asked for a comment after the footage was shown to her, Blige simply asked the host to “move on”, insisting, “We’re not getting married now.”

“You don’t ask a woman to marry you if that’s not what you want. I was young and I was in love. That hurt me.”

I’m sure Beyonce’s  ‘Best I Never Had’ song hit home. Mary is now happily married to Kendu Isaacs.


Source: NecoleBitchie