Meagan Good in Heart and Soul

Meagan Good

Heart & Soul magazine snagged Meagan Good for the the cover of their June/July Issue, which is on news stands now. The young beauty talks about the sound of her girl group “H.E.L.L.O Girls,” being more than ready for a serious relationship and her past cancer scare. Check out an excerpt from the article below:

On the H.E.L.L.O Girls
Our songs sound like the Beastie Boys meets Gwen Stefani meets Vanity Six. Mostly, they have spiritual undertones, but they’re not preachy. We’re telling women to respect themselves.

On having cancerous cells in Uterus removed a few years ago
It didn’t scare me. When people don’t know they have something, they’re fine. When they do find out, they get worse. A lot [of it] is attitude. When you’re afraid and freaked out, that’s when it worsens. I try to keep a positive outlook.

On being ready for a serious relationship
I’m definitely at a point in my life where I am ready to find a partner in crime—in a good way—who respects my mind and treats me like a partner and a best friend.