Military Vet DEMANDS Soulja Boy Apologize For Saying “F*ck The Troops!”

You can blame it on immaturity or just plain ignorance, but Soulja Boy released a song called “Let’s Be Real” that includes the lyrics 

“F**k the FBI and the army troops … fighting for what? Be your own man …
… I’ll be flying through the clouds with green like I’m Peter Pan.”

And now one retired Marine, Fred A. Flores, who’s now a commissioner for the L.A. County Veteran’s Advisory Commission, is speaking out saying 

It’s a very offensive statement … especially with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 coming up.  He should apologize to ALL armed forces.”

He continued saying, “[The rap] is very irresponsible…especially for a person who is an entertainer for the youth of our country.”

One can only imagine where Soulja’s mind was when he wrote that song.  

But FYI…..its thanks to the efforts of the troops keeping America safe, that allow him to waste his money and talent on frivilous materialistic items and vapid songs.  How ungrateful!