New Video: Wale f/ Miguel – “Lotus Flower Bomb” (Starring ANTM Bre)

“Would you like to smell my lotus flower?”

Wale drops the video to the female favorite track, ‘Lotus Flower Bomb’ featuring Miguel and he’s recruited America’s Next Top Model All Star Bre Scullark as his love interest.

In a situation similar to the first interaction between Tupac Shakur and Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice, Wale and Bre don’t really hit it off when he delivers her mail at the beauty salon. Despite his charm, Bre’s video character has no time and plenty of attitude. Wale seems to look past all of that and takes her to one of his sensual fantasies where he picks her up on counters and serves her late-night cocktails. Wale is a such a true player that he’s still spitting game at the house, and it turned Bre into an animal.

Although Wale and Bre’s chemistry is the focal point of the video, Miguel makes subtle appearances rocking Pat Benatar on the back of his denim jacket because “Love is a Battlefield” and even Wale can’t win ‘em all.

Watch it below:

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