Nivea Says “I Was Not Drinking And Driving!”

Nivea was arrested recently after crashing her car following the wedding reception of Toya Carter and BET personality MempHitz.  Although the rumor is that she was intoxicated, Nivea is speaking out via Twitter saying it isn’t true. Deets inside…..

Although the word on the street is that Nivea got tipsy before leaving the wedding reception of her good friend Toya Carter, Nivea is speaking out saying the accident she was involved in was not due to alcohol. 

Writing under the alias “RANDY WATSON” Nivea posted on Twitter:

Thank You 2 all that were concerned, I’m doing fine! I NEVER said
what ppl r saying I said to/about the cop by the way.

Its just unfortunate how the Media & Law can be used against you
when you don’t know enough about the way they work. Again, thnx 4 all
the ♥

And one more thing, I WAS NOT DRINKING AND DRIVING, the accident
was Not due to me being intoxicated. Just wanted to clear that.