Not So Fat Joe


Bronx rapper Fat Joe has recently shed 88 pounds. Joe says he was motivated to get healthier after losing seven friends in their 30s because of heart attacks. Most notable among them was his former partner-in-rhyme Big Pun who died in 2002.

“Everybody needs to educate themselves. If you’re from the inner city, the hood, Bronx, Harlem, Brooklyn, whatever and you go to your store and there aint no diet Snapple’s in there, ain’t no sugar free candies, you need to tell them ‘yo I need that,’” Fat Joe told the New York Daily News. “Everybody needs a fix so it’s a constant battle man. For me, I’ve seen too many of my friends die.” Fat Joe currently eats six small meals a day, consisting of fruit, whole grain foods and lean meats.

“They’re all trying to alter my name, but I can’t see myself as anything else,” Fat Joe joked. “I think I gotta ask Diddy what my new name is.”