Now Weezy, You Know You Wrong For These JEGGINGS….

This dude here.  If you were wondering WTF was going on with Lil Wayne‘s outfit Sunday night at the VMAs, you’re not the only one.  While we were tweeting away about being extra sad about this here leopard pants look of his, little did we know you could find these very same leggings on a women’s apparel website. 

Don’t believe us?  Check out the jeggings foolery inside…

When Weezy hit the stage to perform “John” on Sunday, his black and white leopard jeggings stole the spotlight.  In more ways than one.  This spotted foolywangery could barely fit over his man-bubble (high booty on men).  The level of how distracting it was to literally watch his ass jiggle in our faces paired with his purple drawers and red and yellow sneakers…was just too much.

But, here’s the real news.  These jeggings of his are actually a $43 pair by Tripp NYC–a women’s apparel line.  Now Weezy.  You know you wrong for that ish….

Spotted at Complex