Occupy Wall Street Protestors EVICTED, Can Only Return WITHOUT Camping Out

The owners of Zuccotti Park (Brookfield Properties) and Mayor Bloomberg fully evicted the Occupy Wall Street protestors from the area just after midnight last night.  But despite the sh*tstorm it’s causing right now, it’s only temporary.  And the protestors can only return with tight restrictions. Will they return at all?

Details inside…

Over 1000 riot police officers from NYPD hit Zuccotti park around 1am, a time Bloomberg said was chosen to lessen chances of the possible injuries and rioting.  The Mayor of New York City says he made the final decision to evict in order to guarantee public health and safety after Brookfield Properties made it known they wanted the protestors to leave.

The Mayor’s office said it became next to impossible for the rest of the public to navigate the park as the protestors were breaking the park rules of No Camping and No Sleeping.  And health concerns and fire hazards became extreme concerns. 

“The first amendment gives the right to speak out,” stated Bloomberg this morning at the press conference.  ”But it does not give the right to take over.  The protestors have had 2 months to occupy with tents and sleeping bags.  Now, they will have to occupy the space with the power of their arguments.”

Mayor Bloomberg said at his press conference just minutes ago that the intention was always to reopen the park at 8am today and allow people to express their First Amendment rights.  But occupyers will not be allowed to return with sleeping bags, tarps, and tents.

As of 8:45am EST, the park has not re-opened due to a restraining order issue the city is handling. Protestors have been trying to re-enter this morning but are being kicked out. Russell Simmons, Kanye West, and many high profile celebshave stopped by the movement to offer support.

Source: The Office of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg