OH SNAP: Nicki Minaj’s 9-1-1 Call, Screams “What You Hittin’ Me For?!”

Aug 04 | by Natasha

The 9-1-1 call has just been released of Nicki Minaj‘s scuffle with “a mystery male” that happened a few weeks ago.  And it’s pretty strong evidence that the man Nicki was fighting with was indeed her man Safaree.

Peep the emotional audio inside…

Just as previously reported in the police document, a hotel employee (front desk manager) was summoned to Nicki’s room when an argument escalated with a man whom she claims “she’s not in a relationship with.”


Arguing can be heard in the background of the front office manager’s phone after he calls the police department.  Nicki sounds extremely scared screaming:

“Why you hittin’ me?! Why you hittin’ me?!”

Then she goes to the manager saying, “Look what he did to my face! Look what he did to my face!”

And the the male voice can be heard screaming:

“This my luggage! I want my fu*kin money!  Give me my mutha fuc*in suitcase….”

Nicki claimed in the police report that “the man’s” suitcase hit her in the face when he was attempting to grab it from her. 

You can also here on the audio the officer confirming it’s “Nicki Minaj’s group” and “she got hit in the face by someone.”

Even though Safaree (her hype man/boyfriend) claims he did nothing to her (and even wore a shirt saying DON’T BELIEVE THE BLOGS), we’re pretty positive it’s his voice we hear prominently arguing with Nicki.  You can compare it with his speaking voice in Nicki’s recent MTV documentary HERE.  Scroll to the 2:45 mark.

We’re not sayin’, but we’re just sayin’….