Olivia Burnett


“Sex appeal and class cannot be taught. You either have it or you don’t. It’s the only type of air I breathe.” – Olivia B.

Born Olivia Burnett (known to most as MiSS OLiViA) is a poised and exceptional young lady who started modeling at tender young age of NINE. With over TWELVE years of combined modeling and acting experience in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Atlanta, OLiViA has accomplished many personal goals & successes. MiSS OLiViA has since sparked an impressive body of fans worldwide, outstanding management team, special projects and entertainment experience.

MiSS OLiViA earned her formal modeling training from Cinderella Modeling School, which involves business aspects of the modeling industry to catwalks. OLiViA’s charm, model looks and personality has made her the new face to the agency as head Model Instructor. Being a remarkably driven person that she has become MiSS OLiViA has influenced many aspiring models young and old alike. In the midst of many successful projects, OLiViA won a hosting position out of hundreds of candidates, for FOUR celebrity parties for Playboy Golf 2008 at the Playboy Mansion. Miss OLiVia has and exuberant personality which lights up any room. OLiViA recently blessed the pages of SOURCE magazine and Dj Kay Slay mag STRAIGHT STUNTIN. Moving to Atlanta to further her Nursing Career MiSS OLiViA experienced a whole new wave of the modeling industry where the north had some lacking. Music Videos. From her first video as a Featured Model in “Make da Trap say Aye” with Gucci Mane and Oj da Juice Olivia had numerous doors open for her. While having the opportunity of meeting prevalent artist Olivia Burnett has now taken interest in the acting world and had the great opportunity of starring as a Supporting Actress in the Independent film BUSINESS IS WAR Directed by the talented Kemal Gordon.

MiSS OLiViA has booked various gigs due to her professionalism, outgoing personality, and versatile looks. Such as gracing the covers of eminent black authors novels, such as “Cost Of Loyalty” by Raheen Bounty Hoyte and “Hell’s Diva” by Anna J.   OLiViA takes joy in helping others in her Nursing career. OLiViA loves her recreational time modeling, shopping and hanging out with the family and friends. OLiViA also enjoys community time as Modeling instructor at her ALUMNI modeling school or judging at numerous pageants. On the more intellectual point of view Miss OLiVia loves science, which explores the possibilities of life changing KNOWLEDGE so receiving her   Bachelor’s degree as a Professional Registered Nurse is the beginning academically. Whether if Miss OLivia is on vacation or taking personal time she breathes and lives modeling.