PosterChild J1 Interviews Big Kuntry

Big Kuntry King

The shadow of superstardom can be a very dark place, but for T.I.’s protégé Big Kuntry King, it’s a position of power. As a member of P$C, the Grand Hustle-signed five-man group who released their debut album, 25 To Life, in 2005, Big Kuntry King has been an integral part of Atlanta’s nationally celebrated trap music scene.

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Thanks to his alliance with T.I., who Kuntry befriended in 1996 at the start of legendary Southern spitter’s career, Big Kuntry has managed to rap for hordes of hip-hop fans around the world. “T.I. used to say some things back then that was amazing and I was like man, I could do that,” remembers Big Kuntry. “After a while it started to become real. If it wasn’t for rapping, a lot of us would be locked up or dead right now.”

Big Kuntry King from George Cash on Vimeo.