waka gucci Promo Trail: GQ Magazine Grills Gucci Mane And Waka Flocka Flame

Until Deb Antney announces plans to bring an updated version of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure starring son Waka Flocka Flame alongside his Ferrari Boyz partner in rhyme Gucci Mane to the big screen via her YouTube news network fans will have to enjoy their unique brotherhood through trap beats and police reports.

GQ MAGAZINE writer Stelios Phili presented the best random questions he could think of to the Brick Squad brethren for a few rounds of the word association game.

GQ: Would you rather be a rapper that doesn’t get paid but is universally loved or a garbage man that can’t rap but has one billion dollars in the bank?

Waka: I’d rather be the garbage man.

GQ: But what about rapping?

Waka: I don’t care about rapping. As the garbage man, I’d be filthy rich and in a position to change a lot of things. I can help a lot of people that really need. And ain’t nobody ever know where it came from. I like that.

GQ: If you were elected president, then the first thing you would do is…

Gucci: The first thing I would do is…let me see. I would raise the speed limit. Just so people could drive and have fun, at least to a hundred miles an hour.

GQ: If you lost the ability to rap and gained the ability to sing every song in Mary Poppins the musical and got offered a lead role, then you would…

Waka: Be the next biggest thing in Broadway. I’d take that Broadway gig. Yeah, live that Vegas life.

GQ: If you were in the movie Aladdin and got three wishes from the genie, then…

Gucci: Three wishes, hell. Financial security for my family for the rest of their lives. No diseases for the rest of my life. And great sales for Ferrari Boyz.

GQ: If a meteor hits the Earth and kills every man on the planet, but you, Gucci, and Hugh Hefner, then…

Waka: Ooh, damn! That’s a good one. Me and Gucci…and Hugh Hefner? I would go find a studio, find me some smoke, think about what the hell just happened, and tell Hugh to call up some girls so we can ease our stress. And then, then we going to think about rebuilding the world. Yeah.

Photo Credit: Freddy O