Q-Tip and Kanye West At The 7th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

It definitely came as a surprise when rappers Q-Tip and Kanye West came on stage and performed Award Tour yesterday at the 7th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. Q-Tip was the main headliner for the festival but things got crazy when he brought Ye out on stage. Kanye changed his swag up a little bit and looked more down to earth with a snap back (guess they’re really back if Kanye’s wearing them), a tank, and faded jeans. Nonetheless, he was a fashion symbol as always.

I’m surprised by the duo performance because of all of the news coverage that Kanye and Jay-Z’s new album Watch The Throne has been receiving. Supposedly Watch The Throne is schedule to release on August 2nd. But we’ll see. You know how these artists are with release dates.  Kanye also took the time to perform his hit All Of The Lights and Dark Fantasy. Personally I would have thought that the next time we saw Kanye on stage would be to promote he and Jay-Z’s new album. The performance was hot though. Check out the amazing set here: