R.I.P. Brownstone Member Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell

Sad news within the R&B community today.  Group member Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell (top left) has reportedly died.  Confirmation and details inside.

Many of us lived out our teen years to the music of the talented group Brownstone.  But today, one member has passed away.

We confirmed via email with a member of groupmate Nicci Gilbert‘s PR team, Jakeem Smith, that Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell has passed away.

Unconfirmed reports by Danish website Her & Nu, who claims they spoke to Maxee’s brother Brandon, state a mysterious and fatal fall occurred.  Maxee was reportedly married to Danish music producer Carsten Soulshock and had a son named Nicolaj.

Groupmate Teisha Brown, who joined the group in 2007, also posted a sorrowful message to her late friend:



Brandon Maxwell, Maxee’s brother, posted the following as well:




The group, which has seen quite a few member changes over the years, spoke about a comeback attempt last year.

Their songs “Grapevyne,” “5 Miles To Empty,” and “If You Love Me” were their major hits from 1994 -1998 and they also earned a Grammy nomination.



Our condolences go out to Maxee and her family and friends during this incredibly sad time.


Photos: Twitter/NBCU/Instagram