Rick Ross Explains Album Title

Rick Ross Discusses Album Title

Rapper Rick Ross discussed his approach to growing Maybach Music and the somewhat provocative title of his upcoming album, God Forgives, I Don’t, in a new interview. Ross told MsDramaTV that he pays attention to an artist’s work ethic.

“Just to keep it short I think that’s what it’s about at Maybach Music,” said Ross. “I respect work ethic more than I do talent. Their desire, their passion, their fuel, their talent. I can fuel your talent and surpass it so that’s what it’s about…That’s the key to success.”

As for the album title, Ross said that had significant for him.

“It’s a real statement. I love it like that you know. And that’s the repercussion,” Ross explained. “It’s [alive] out here. Step out into the road and it’ll go bad for ya.”

Article Courtesy of HipHopBlog.com